image Project Ringo, whatever that is, this isn’t. Sega has another unannounced game discovered with help from the Japanese Trademark Database. A few months ago Sega registered a trademark for Rekishi Taisen Gettenka (The Historic War of Gettenka). It popped up in the database again this time registered for use with movies, performances, plays, and other visual entertainment. The previous trademark was for use with video games.


Doing a little more digging I found Sega has a teaser site ready for The Historic War of Gettenka, although it isn’t linked on Sega’s front page yet. Looks like this is going to be an arcade game since it’s premiering at Sega World this weekend. Perhaps, The Historic War of Gettenka will be Sega’s next Dinosaur King with a TV show and card collecting arcade game.

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