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Sega’s Nintendo 3DS RPG Hero Must Fight To Pay His Debt Of 1 Billion Yen


We knew that Sega’s upcoming 3DS “battle-life RPG,” Hero Bank, is about a young boy who will be participating in fights to earn loads of money, but the game’s latest trailer reveals that he is actually in debt and owes a great sum of one billion yen for some unknown reason. In order to pay it off, he’ll have to participate in a cyber sport called Hero Battle.



According to Sega, the problem Kaito Gosho is facing is something that can happen to just about anyone—which is being in debt of one billion yen. The trailer shows Kaito briefly concerned about how he’ll pay off such an absurd amount of money, and it doesn’t take long for him to confidently shout out that he’ll take on the Hero Bank.



The Hero Battles takes place in a virtual arena, where you’ll be wearing hero gear to participate in virtual fights for money. In order to earn more fight money in these battles, you’ll have to perform intense actions to get the crowd going wild, which will also increase your total money earned.


You’ll have access to various heroes who will be the actual characters fighting the battles while Kaito controls them using his Hero Gear. By investing in and enhancing the heroes, they’ll give you a better chance of winning the battles using their unique abilities and attributes. There are plenty of heroes to collect, giving you the option to enter the virtual arena with different fight styles according to each enemy you face.


Hero Bank is slated for release on December 19th for Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

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