Sekai Project Announces A Bunch Of New Games At Sakura-Con


    sekai project

    Sekai Project announced five new publishing projects at Sakura-Con, being Mahou Arms, Warped Reality, AIdol, NEKO-NIN exHEART 2, and A Magical High School Girl.


    Mahou Arms (PC)

    sekai project

    “An upcoming hack & slash dating sim from Studio Shimapan. Deploy a squad of magical girls and fight back against the alien invaders!”



    Warped Reality (PC)

    sekai project 2

    “What if accomplishing the task you always dreamed of turns into your worst nightmare?

    For Kazu, a young technophile struggling to make a living in the corporate-owned future of 2065, that question suddenly becomes reality. All he wanted to create was an entertainment system that proves he has the skills to make it as a cybernetics designer. But his creation, the Virtual Machine, turns out to be more than that – dangerously more.”


    A demo is available on Steam.




    sekai project 3

    “The next game from Ebi-Hime! Coming in Spring 2018

    The protagonist, Hana, is a young high school student who loves virtual idols – particularly Aiko. Aiko is the postergirl of the famous company Lyriq, and one of the most popular virtual idols to ever exist. Aiko is the nation’s darling, and though Hana adores her, she knows she’ll never get a chance to speak to her. Aiko is simply too far out of her reach.”




    sekai project 4

    This is a localized version of the original Japanese visual novel by Whirlpool, and will be released for Steam on PC.



    A Magical High School Girl (Nintendo Switch)

    sekai project 5

    “Explore the way home in the roguelike RPG A Magical High School Girl, coming to Nintendo Switch this spring! Craft your own magic based on what you name your spells, battle the monsters that stands in your way and make friends with a crazy cast of characters!”


    Mahou Arms does not currently have a release date, but is expected to come to PC. Warped Reality will be available for PC via Steam. AIdol does not currently have a release date or platform. NEKO-NIN exHEART 2 will be available on PC via Steam in May 2018. A Magical High School Girl will release for Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018.

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