Sekai Project Brings More Catgirls To The West With Machina Of The Planet Tree -Planet Ruler-


Sekai Project’s English version of Japanese development group Denneko Yuugi’s combo-based RPG Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler-. It’s available to purchase on Steam for Windows right now.


It has you following the adventures of Cram, Retla, and Esty as they find the secrets of the Great Ruins on a world that is powered by the Planet Tree. The idea behind this journey is to uncover the truth about the disappearance of the “Old World” and the relics it left behind known as “Attributes.”


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It’s all wrapped up in a conspiracy involving the Halbern Machinery Academy – which controls and manages the Attributes – of which Cram (the main character) is an S-Rank Mechanician. Everything gets going when Cram finds himself intertwined with the legendary Attribute "Machina" and the Planet Tree itself.


And, yes, there are catgirls to meet and talk to as well as lots of flashy attacks to enjoy during battles. Oh, and it’s worth noting that Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler- is the first in a series of RPGs so you can probably expect more to arrive at some point.

Chris Priestman