Sekai Project Introduces Sci-Fi Visual Novel The Human Reignition Project



Sekai Project has announced that it will publish Alienworks’s visual novel The Human Reignition Project. According to Alienworks, it will ask you to consider the role that technology plays in your life. “Our aim is to explore the relationship between humanity and technology, especially those technologies which have risen to prominence over the last two decades,” the studio writes.


The Human Reignition Project takes place in a future that aims to have plausible technological advances with them being based on what is currently at the forefront of research. You play a guy who joins a social project and who you can take down one of six routes, corresponding to a romantic interest, each of which explore a different theme.


You can meet the characters in the new trailer for The Human Reignition Project above. There’s more to be found about it on its website.

Chris Priestman
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