Sekai Project Is Publishing Yuri-Themed Visual Novel Starlight Vega


The announcement of Razzart Visual’s visual novel Starlight Vega probably couldn’t have gone any better. The studio was looking for $3,550 in funding on Kickstarter and managed to smash that in a couple of days. It probably helps that visual novel publisher Sekai Project putting its name to it.


Starlight Vega is a yuri visual novel so, yes, it focuses on romance between girls. It’s about a girl called Aria who finds a demon girl called Lyria who has spent the past 50 years as stone in Aria’s grandfather’s study. Aria then helps Lyria out but becomes attached to her by a Lifestone. Understandably, having a demon in tow makes it a little more trick for Aria to about her daily life.



From there, Aria’s friend Melody tries to translate an ancient book that she hopes will dispel the power of the Lifestone and separate Aria from Lyria. Lyria, the demon, could help but she rather likes being attached to Aria. Meanwhile, Lyria’s fellow demon Sid shows up and the two of them end up staying at Aria’s home. “Will Aria get caught up in her flirtatious behavior… or wonder if she has an ulterior motive? Will she stay friends with Melody or become something more?” reads the game’s description.


Starlight Vega will have six endings for you to discover. For now, you’ll have to make do with what the demo for Windows, Mac, and Linux has to offer. You can download it here. And, if you enjoy it, consider backing Starlight Vega on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.

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