Sekai Project’s Latest Visual Novel Is About Romancing A Cyclopean School Girl



Sekai Project has published Creepy Cute’s visual novel Love at First Sight (aka Hitomebore) on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s described as a “pure, heart-warming romance game” with an unusual love interest.


One day, while attending high school, you come across a shy girl called Sachi Usui, who carries a lot of injuries on her body and, most noticeably, has only one large eye. She’s a cyclops, except not gigantic and fond of eating humans.



You, or rather, the protagonist, falls in love with Sachi Usui straight away. And so the game follows with you trying to win her “lonely and isolated heart.”


Love at First Sight was originally made by the artist Ray-K and is available with Japanese and English subtitles.

Chris Priestman