Some USB Keyboards Can Be Plugged Into The PlayStation Classic To Access Emulator Settings


playstation classic emulator settings


People who pick up a PlayStation Classic may want to try using a USB keyboard with their new plug-and-play console. Reports are coming in that some keyboard models are proving compatible with Sony’s latest device. If you do and it works, you can press the Escape key when you are in one of the games to bring up the emulator settings menu. (Thanks, Retro Gaming Arts!)


A video from Retro Gaming Arts goes through the process and shows what you need to do to access the PlayStation Classic emulator settings. As a warning, messing around with the settings could make a system glitch. It is unknown if playing around in the menu could damage the PlayStation Classic.



In the video, Wild Arms is the game being “played” during the example. Once ESC is pressed, people first can see Change CD Image, PCSX Menu, and Exit options. Heading into PCSX allows you to choose from Resume Game, Save State, Load State, Reset Game, Load CD Image, Options, Controls, Cheats, Extra Stuff, Credits, and Exit selections. In Options, you can choose Frameskip, Show FPS, Auto Save State, Region, Threaded SPU, Display, and other features. One of the features that also appears in this menu is the option to add scanlines and determine their brightness. The Save State menu in the PlayStation Classic emulator settings also offers up to nine slots.


The PlayStation Classic is immediately available.

Jenni Lada
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