Send Mega Man X To Space With Starbound


starbound mega man mod Have you ever played Starbound? It’s an Early Access PC game along the lines of Terraria and Minecraft. Players create a custom avatar, go through some introductory steps to repair a spaceship, then have a whole universe to explore alone or with friends. Of course, being in a beta form means that not everything is quite there yet, but people are picking up the slack with mods. Today will be what I hope is the first of many highlights of cool cross-overs within the game, as we look at Crystan and Dragonith’s Mega Man X Starbound creation.


You know, give you a Blue Bomber fix while you’re waiting for Mighty No. 9 and that Mega Man Legacy Collection.


The Mega Man X Starbound mod is a salute to the Mega Man X, Z, and ZX games, and it’s more than just cosmetic. Yes, you will get to look like all of the iconic characters, thanks to new armor and weapons options, but it’s about more than that. You have to earn and make these items first. That means getting the Construction and Bio-Metal Capsules, two new crafting stations. You use the former to create items that wil let you spawn bosses like Zero, Shadow, and Model ZX. Defeat them, and you’ll get blueprints to make their unique armor in the Construction Capsule.


starbound mega man mech But looking the part isn’t enough in the Mega Man X Starbound mod. You also need to have things around you on your planet that set the mood. There’s a capsule bed to rest in, and players can access tech that gives them Eagle Ride Amor and X4 Ride Chasers to run around in.


There are a few things to note with Starbound mods. With ones like this, whatever character you use with it will become bound to that mod. If you remove it, you can’t use that character unless you add it back in. Since the game is in Early Access, that could mean you’ll have to wait to use your "Mega Man" until the mod creators get it working with the next update. However, Mega Man X Starbound is compatible with Spirited Giraffe, the current version of the game, and installing and uninstalling a mod is as simple as dragging and dropping it in and out of a folder. Open Explorer on your PC and dig deep through Program Files, Steam, SteamApps, Common, Starbound, and giraffe_storage to find the mods folder. Drag and drop the contents of the zip file into mods and you’re done.


Which is good, since you’d also need to do that when updates are released for the mod too. Mega Man X Starbound is going to get custom enemies and new Techs that add additional Ride Armors and a Biometal ability. I’d love to see more custom furniture added too, since one of my favorite things is making themed worlds within the game, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s a part of Crystan and Dragonith’s plans.

Jenni Lada
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