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Only In Sengoku Basara Do Generals Ride Tanks Shaped Like A Head


We’ve got the final foursome of playable generals that will grace Sengoku Basara 4, so all that’s left really is for us to sit back and let the modular castles and crazy fighting action commence! Well, soon anyway. In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on the final four of 40 playable generals you’ll get to play as in the game.



The first one we get wind of is Matsunaga Hisahide. He’s famous for looking like some sort of early-age Two-Face, with his black-and-white color combination that’s sure to make him stick out in a forest. Despite the fact he carries around a katana on his belt, he only fights with a Chinese-style sword and gunpowder. He’s able to ignite the powder with a snap of his special flinty gloves or his sword, turning swathes of enemies into cinders in an instant.



While the next man’s a legendary mercenary ninja, Fuma Kotaro is seen regularly working for Hisahide. True to the “Wind” in his name, he moves with lightning fast reflexes of kicks, slashes and even has a whirlwind kick.



An ally of Mitsunari Ishida, Otomo Sorin looks a bit of a French dandy, though that’s because he’s most remembered for being one of the few lords to have converted to Christianity. And since technology was what came along with the missionaries, we have him fighting on top of a moving tank head platform that’s called the Head of Xavi. Yes, we can see respect for the higher-ups of the ecclesiarchy ranked highly in the techno-land of the West.



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Finally, there’s Tachibana Muneshige, who is Otomo’s loyal retainer. And fights with two swords. Chain. Swords. TWO CHAINSWORDS. The guy could be a medieval Space Marine. Why fight with six katana’s like Date Masamune when you could just slice through everything with a whirring blade of death?


And there you have it, all 40 generals out. Now we wait for January 3rd 2014 for Sengoku Basara 4 to finally land on the PlayStation 3 and let us sink into the greatness that is alternate history that doesn’t give two hoots about anyone else’s ideas.