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Seraph – An Acrobatic 2D Shooter Without Aiming



In Seraph, the player is in charge of keeping their fallen angel out of danger using acrobatic moves, avoiding damage while she does all of the shooting.




The angel main character is designed with mobility in mind, being able to scale walls, cartwheel through explosions, and dash through attacks. Players do have some control over how she fights back against enemies, selecting from available handguns, machines guns, shotguns, and other weaponry that becomes available.




The game is built to continually challenge the player, both through its procedurally-generated stages, as well as its visible difficulty scale. As the player does well, this will increase, sending in harder enemies and more difficult situations.




Seraph also has some Twitch-specific features for streaming. When played in twitch mode, the audience will be able to vote on whether to give the player a positive or negative modifier for the next stage, letting the viewers dictate how challenging the game can be.




Seraph is slated to release on PS4 and Steam sometime this year.

Alistair Wong
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