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I am Setsuna Has A Few Secrets For Folks Near The End


i am setsuna secret boss


Now that it’s been about a week, people are probably coming to the end of their time with I am Setsuna. While I didn’t go back to open every locked chest or acquire every secret skill, I managed to get through it in about 17 hours. Once it was done, I was hoping for some reason to return. This is a game based on JRPGs from the good old days, and those were packed with secret content that you could enjoy either after beating it or on a new game plus run. Alas, there isn’t too much more to I am Setsuna. Once you’re done, there’s very little reason to come back. In all honesty, there are really only two.


The first is a secret boss. The Laniff Ruins is north of the Last Lands and is filled with boss fights, but a final challenge appears only after you’ve completed each character’s Spritnite quest. This means going through I am Setsuna’s only seven sidequests. None of these are terribly taxing, compared to what you’ve had to get through to get to this point, and the quest giving NPCs will tell you where to go, what to do, or who to fight. In the case of Endir and Nidr, make sure both are in top condition before you do, as their quests are one on one boss fights.


Here’s where your party needs to go to get every character’s final Spritnite.

  • Endir: Go to the Nive’s harbor and talk to the man he met on the docks at the beginning of the game.
  • Setsuna: Have her speak to her father in Nive.
  • Aeterna: She needs to speak with Tenderville’s researcher.
  • Nidr: Head to Royburg and see Freyja.
  • Kir: He needs to see his village’s chief.
  • Julienne: Go to Royburg and so she can talk to Cornelius.
  • Fides: Visit the Gatheringone bar.

Each character has to be an active member in your party for the sidequest to trigger. It isn’t like the story segments, where the person who needs to take the quest will suddenly appear, then fade away after the conversation is over.


Once those are done, stock up on supplies and head to the top before you go to face the Time Judge. There you’ll find the Ruler of Time. It’s one of the hardest bosses in the game, but using a party containing Endir, Setsuna, and Aeterna should get you through it. Have Endir function primarily as an attacker, with Aeterna and Setsuna using their special abilities. If you complete this daunting experience, you get the Of Legend and Myth achievement/trophy.


i am setsuna recipe


The bonus village is the other reason to keep playing. Once you have the freedom to go absolutely everywhere, check out the small island in the northwest. It’s the Village of Heroes, inhabited by sprite-based characters based on I am Setsuna’s developers. You can enjoy some funny dialogue and adjust game elements like the monster’s levels. It’s also where you can get the Ocean’s Blessings Soup recipe by giving Konishi the Avalanche Kelp, Eternity Laver, Crystal Lettuce, and Sunset Citron.


I must admit, with all of the dialogue options I am Setsuna gives you as you play, it certainly seems as though there should be multiple endings. But there aren’t. It all leads up to one resolution, one act that must be carried out. Given the tone of the ending, some might not want to go on and go through the game again. It’s almost like the game plays with the idea of choice, but doesn’t go through with it.


While I am Setsuna isn’t the longest game, people should take some time before the end for one last look around. Even if you don’t want to face that extra boss, it’s absolutely worth one last look around so you can see the Village of Heroes and get everyone’s final attacks. Depending on your levels, it could add another hour or two to the experience, maybe more if you take your time and savor it.


I am Setsuna is immediately available for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

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