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I Am Setsuna’s E3 2016 Trailer Shows Off Its Battles



Square Enix has released I am Setsuna’s E3 2016 trailer ahead of the show. The two minute video offers a look at some story segments and world map traversal, but more importantly spends quite a bit of time going over the game’s battle system.


Battles in I am Setsuna are turn-based and inspired by Chrono Trigger. Players are given a three character party. Characters have Techs, special skills they can employ, and can work with other allies for Team Combos. Some of the abilities used in the trailer are X-Strike, a Team Combo executed by two characters, and solo Aerial Strike, Charge, Cross Cutter, Cyclone, and Demi Techs. As you attack, an SP Gauge will fill. Once it’s full, that character can go into Momentum Mode and press the square button during an attack to inflict additional damage or a status effect on an enemy.


I am Setsuna will appear on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in both North America and Europe on July 19, 2016. It will be $39.99. People who pre-order through Steam will get a song composed by Tomoki Miyoshi.

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