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These Are Your Seven Mechs In Xenoblade Chronicles X



We recently got a look at the different types of mechs you can create in Xenoblade Chroncicles X. The official website gives us an even closer look at the different model types for the Dolls, along with a look at their vehicle transformations.


Keep in mind that these are the basic frames for each mech series. Every mech can be outfitted with a wide range of weapon parts, which allows you to customize them to a great extent. The colour of individual mech parts can be altered with great flexibility as well, which you can see in action here.


Formula Series (Light):

2015-04-16_053449 img_doll01-01

These are the standard deployment models that use a light frame as their base. Formula models excel at high-speed combat and have a motorcycle-type transformation. The Formula series is the base frame of all other Dolls. It’s one of the cheaper models and equipped with the JINRAI Gear.


Urban Series (Light):

2015-04-16_053622 img_doll02-01

A machine built with a light frame base for urban deployment. It has high durability and fighting capabilities, but its enhanced armor takes away from its mobility and its operation time. The Urban vehicle transformations have great control. Urbans come equipped with the OBORO Gear. (Note: Lynlee uses the Urban series.)


Wels Series (Light):

2015-04-16_054054 img_doll03-01

While the Wels series does have a light base, it is a custom model that has the power of a middle-frame class. It may take a little getting used to, but it’s a highly effective machine. It’s equipped with the “G-Buster” shoulder mount, which was originally developed for the Wels. The Wels come equipped with the HAGANE Gear. (Note: Wels is Elma’s favourite model.)


Lailah Series (Medium):

2015-04-16_054429 img_doll04-01

The Lailah is a custom machine with a medium-frame base. It was made with the concept of having a light class build with mobility, although it does pack extra power with its heavier weight. They come equipped with the “F-Rifle,” which was originally developed for this series. The Lailah uses the NAGI Gear.


Inferno Series (Medium):


2015-04-16_054819 img_doll05-01

The Inferno is a custom build with a middle-frame base. These were one of the most produced Dolls, as they were created to be mainstay machines. Infernos have high durability and are equipped to hold their own in both melee and long-ranged combat. They are equipped with the “B-Gatling,” which was originally developed for the Inferno series. This model uses the HIBANA Gear.


Mastema Series:

2015-04-16_055514 img_doll06-01

The Mastema is made with a heavy-frame base to go with its multiple legs. It excels at long-ranged combat, but its heavy weight gives it a little trouble when it comes to mobility. It’s equipped with the “M-Sniper,” which was originally developed for the Mastema. The Mastema comes with the GEKITETU Gear.


Amdusias Series:

2015-04-16_060022 img_doll07-01

Built with a heavy-frame base and a tracked vehicle transformation. The Amdusias was made to fight in melee range, and has the highest durability and fighting power of all the Dolls, but is also the most expensive. It’s equipped with the “E-Scythe,” which was originally developed for the model. The Amdusias uses the KURENAI Gear.


A video showing off some of the Dolls cruising, flying, and transforming.


Xenoblade Chronicles X is slated for release in Japan on April 29, 2015 for Wii U. The game will release in North America and Europe later this year.

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