Seven Time Tetris Champion Jonas Neubauer Dies at Age 39

Tetris Champion Jonas Neubauer

Jonas Neubauer, a seven-time champion of Classic Tetris, has died at the age of 39-years-old. This is according to a post made by someone else to Neubauer’s Twitter page which opens with the line, “it’s with a heavy heart that we deliver the terrible news that Jonas has passed away from a sudden medical emergency.” The tweet ends with the claim, “information to follow when it becomes available.”

Primarily known for his abilities in Classic Tetris for the NES, a game he started playing competitively at a 2010 World Championship event. Beyond that, he was an occasional streamer, commentator for games like Tetris 99, and a husband. His wife, Heather, is a champion as well, having won the World Championship for Dr. Mario in 2019. Neubauer was a commentator at that event.

It wasn’t all just Classic Tetris for Neubauer, either, although that is a game that he played since he was eight years old which lead to his “embrace chaos” style of play. He also enjoyed Tetris Effect, in particular the mystery mode, tweeting “can’t stop playing #TetrisEffect mystery mode. Also loving the whale roar of approval when I clear a Tetris.”

A further testament to his legacy in the community comes from the of Classic Tetris World Championship organizers. In addition to an official tweet honoring Neubauer, there is post on the championship’s official website that expresses grief, praises his personality, abilities, and role as a “brilliant ambassador of the game.” After conveying love for his wife, mother, family, and friends, the post goes on to say, “Rest in peace, our mighty hero.”

The CTWC organizers also suggested finding an appreciation for “his last epic Tetris match” as a way to cherish Neubauer’s memory.

Benjamin Maltbie
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