Severed Shows Off Its First-Person Monster Slashing In New Trailer

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DrinkBox Studios has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming first-person hack-‘n’-slasher Severed ahead of its showing at PlayStation Experience this year (which is where Siliconera had a chance to check it out last year).


In Severed, you play as a one-armed heroine called Sasha as she searches for her family in a nightmarish world, chopping down monsters with a living sword as she goes.


Rather than buttons, Severed makes use of the PlayStation Vita’s touchscreen for its first-person combat. Each monster you encounter requires a different slicing strategy to beat and it’s this flexibility afforded by the touchscreen that made DrinkBox choose it over more traditional button set-ups.


In the trailer’s announcement post, DrinkBox writes: “we think that using the touchscreen for sword combat has allowed us to make the game a much more deep and complex experience than button-based sword fighting ever could have been.”


Another feature in Severed is the ability to wear the corpses of the bosses you beat in order to give Sasha new abilities. You can see her dressed up in her gruesome costume in the upgrade screen or by looking in the mirrors scattered throughout the world.


As well as combat, the game also contains puzzles to solve inside its dungeons, and if you beat them you’ll usually get a chance to open a treasure chest or to unlock a new area using abilities that you didn’t have earlier in the game.


As to when Severed will be coming out for PS Vita, DrinkBox is still sticking with saying that it’ll be “soon,” at least for now.

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