PlayStation Vita

To-Love Ru On Vita Has A Touching Feature, Naturally. Also, A "Plot".


Developer FuRyu is busy bringing to life the hilarious and sexy and very well-described “ultra-pleasant harem game” To Love-Ru series over to the PlayStation Vita with an all-original story in a third-person action-RPG dungeon crawler called To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: Battle Ecstasy.


To fill those of you who wandered in here on what the deal is with this unabashedly perverse harem series, it stars the luckless Rito, a regular Joe who’s suddenly stuck with a whole pile of extraterrestrial, and highly sexualized, girls. Most of the series revolves around Rito being a good, clean man with an unfortunate predilection for falling over at just the right moment—which still leads the girls to slowly fall in love with him. And that’s actually a plan by some of the ladies.


In the Vita game, Rito suddenly awakens after a dizzy spell in his house in a strange world and dungeon. Momo, one of those slightly-devilish-looking lasses appears and informs him that they’ve been sucked into a parallel world. And one of Rito’s main love interests, Lala—Momo’s elder sister—is trapped. Yes, we’ll go rescue her and others as knights in shining armor.


Most of the game will comprise wandering around dungeons looking for the way down and battling monsters to save one of the lady’s stuck inside, and every floor will apparently have an event with one of the girls. There’s even a special Communication Part called the TTT—Trouble Touch Time—which uses both front and back touch panels to interact with the ladies.


Finally, there’s word of a My Room function where you’ll be able to take a breather in a mimicked version of Rito’s house from Earth. Here you’ll be able to talk to any of your rescued girls and, uh, spend time with them. There might even be some special relationship events with them here…


To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy will be out for the PlayStation Vita on the 22nd of May 2014.