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Shadow Blade: Reload Is Bringing Ninja Challenges To Consoles



Dead Mage has revealed with a new trailer that it’s bringing sidescrolling ninja-based action platformer Shadow Blade: Reload to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, and Xbox One.


Shadow Blade: Reload has you playing as Kuro as he seeks the teachings of the last remaining ninja master so that he can become the Shadow Blade. It has 60 levels in which you sneak past traps, slice through enemies, and bounce off walls with a light step.



There are “Hardcore” and “Master Class” versions of each level for those who think they have the skill to take on tougher tests. And if you want to test your speed then there’s a PvP Race Mode that sets you against three other ninjas to see who is the fastest across levels. There’s also a level editor if you want to give yourself a different kind of test altogether.


Shadow Blade started out as a mobile game released on iOS and Android. Shadow Blade: Reload is an enhanced version with new features that’s currently on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac. You can find out more about Shadow Blade: Reload on its website.

Chris Priestman