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Shadow Of The Beast Remake Looks Brutal And Bloody On PS4


If you’re old enough to remember side-scrolling brawler Shadow of the Beast when it was released back in 1989 you probably still remember its satisfying punch. That’s something the developers of the game’s remake are trying to recapture.


But they’re going a lot further than simply having the beast have a pleasing punch. As you’ll see in the new trailer above, the beast can fight in much more aggressive and dynamic ways now (as you’d expect) – included are combos, counter-attacks, and nasty executions.


As you’ll also see, an effort has been made to stay true to the original game, with nods to certain locations and scenes, albeit it’s now a 3D side-scroller rather than 2D.


As to the story, it remains the same, and so you’ll be playing as Aarbron after he was kidnapped as a child and corrupted through magic into a monstrous warrior-servant.


In the original, Aarbron regained memory of being human after seeing his father being tortured by the evil beast lord Maletoth, who he then seeks vengeance against.

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