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Shadow of the Colossus Is Getting A Giant High-Quality Statue For Valus The First Colossus



Shadow of the Colossus is getting a high-quality statue of Valus, the first Colossus, by Prime 1 Studio. It towers at 46.8cm with parts that light up with LED lights and extra fine detail by the makers, all for a whopping $829.00.


You can check out the statue in the video below for a 360-degree look:

“Raise thy sword by the light and head to the place where the sword’s light gathers….. There, thou shalt find the colossi thou art to defeat…. Now, be on thy way.”


Here’s a look at some photos of the statue along with details from Prime 1 Studio:


The statue is an amazing recreation of Wander’s lonesome fight against the First Colossus, also known as Valus, in the center of the Forbidden Lands. To defeat the Colossus, Wander require to find the weak point which is marked by a Magic Sigils glowing symbols on the body of the colossus. The sigils are always found on a part of the colossus that has fur. We recreated a very realistic and stunning representation of Wander who is about to deliver the final blow to the First Colossus.


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UDMSC-01: The First Colossus is beautifully crafted with impressive details and features LED Light-up function on the First Colossus eyes and the Magic Sigil located on the crest of the head. It comes with two interchangeable crests with and without the Magic Sigil. The Exclusive Edition includes Agro statue, Wander’s horse and sole companion through the Forbidden Lands in Shadow of the Colossus.


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  • First Colossus Size approx. 18 inches tall [H: 46.8cm W: 49.1cm D: 50.8cm]
  • LED Light-up function on Eyes and the Magic Sigil symbol
  • One (1) designed theme base
  • One (1) interchangeable crest with fur
  • One (1) interchangeable crest with Wander about to hit on the glowing Magic Sigil
  • One (1) Agro statue (For Exclusive version only)
  • Agro Size approx. 2 inches tall [H: 5.3cm W: 6.7cm D:2.9cm] (For Exclusive version only)



The First Colossus statue can be pre-ordered over at Prime 1 Studio’s official website. It is expected to release sometime between June and August 2020.


Shadow of the Colossus first released in October 2005 for PlayStation 2. It got a high-definition remake for PlayStation 4 in February 2018.

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