Shadows of Adam – Guild of the Artificers DLC Adds New Dungeons, New Level Cap, Challenging New Game+ Mode


    Shadows of Adam – Guild of the Artificers, an expansion for Shadows of Adam, offers a great deal of new stuff for players to find, new dungeons to explore, and a challenging New Game+ mode for players to beat.


    Shadows of Adam – Guild of the Artificers offers a deep dungeon for intrepid treasure hunters, where players can find the most powerful equipment in the game, but also the strongest monsters. Luckily, the DLC also boosts the level cap to fifty, giving players access to greater power and unique high-level skills as well. If they don’t wish to tackle dungeons, players can instead fight three extremely challenging bosses that have been added to the game, or if combat isn’t their thing, they can instead start mixing artifacts to create new ones.

    The DLC also adds a new Battle Arena to test players with, throwing them into fights with challenging monster combinations, with winning letting them get rare items. If they want a true challenge, though, players can try New Game+, where they start the game over with their end-game equipment and items, but restart at level one with all enemies receiving a huge power boost.


    Shadows of Adam follows the children of a lost hero as they search for their missing father, fighting against monsters in classicly-inspired, turn-based combat. Players regain all of their AP after every battle, encouraging players to always go all out as they fight.

    The Shadows of Adam – Guild of the Artificers expansion is available now on Steam.

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