Shadowverse, The Hearthstone-like TCG With A Touch Of Anime, Is Now On Steam



Last year, Cygames released Shadowverse, a TCG for smartphones similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone. Now the Cygames has announced that their popular mobile card collecting game is available over on Steam.


In Shadowverse, players are able to pick from a selection of seven different characters, each with their own story modes, as they go one-on-one in battles. The game features over 500 types of cards and also a multiplayer mode to fight against other players around the world.


While Shadowverse is free-to-play, additional cards and decks can be purchased in the game. However, to celebrate the game’s PC release, Cygames has offered 5 Standard Card Pack Tickets to players who log in to the Steam version through November 30th at 6:59am PT.


Shadowverse is available for smartphones and PC.