We Shall Wake Has The Hyper-Speed Combat Of Metal Gear Rising



Circadian’s We Shall Wake is a high-speed action game inspired by Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Devil May Cry, and Kingdom Hearts. That’s a lot to live up to, and it needs to be seen in motion to be believed. Luckily, the developer has been releasing trailers and demos regularly.


In We Shall Wake, you play as an advanced bio-mechanical machine capable of true human emotion and mass destruction called a MORS. You awaken in a tower, surrounded by robots long after the extinction of humanity as well as an alien race known as the Creators (that presumably created you).


You’re not the only MORS around, though, and you all have your own ideals and philosophies. As such, factions have formed, causing you to choose a side in a war between three of them, or you could choose to fight for yourself.


We Shall Wake is all about the versatile, fluid combat that its demos already showcase (you can download the latest one here). You can backflip, spin and dash through the air, move across the ground at a stupendous pace, chain combos together with style, smash the ground with a huge force, and much more.


You’ll be fighting through the procedurally generated levels of the tower while highly outnumbered, including over 10 boss fights. Although it’s not fully implemented yet, the AI is said to react using neural networking systems that makes decisions based on personality and sensory stimuli.


As you progress, you’ll be able to customize your move-set as well as your robot chassis through “System Chips”, adding support turrets and other benefits. There’s also a Dark Cloud-esque item synthesizing system.


As previously said, of all this is just words and ideas, so watch the video above or download the latest demo to see it come alive – but to bear in mind it’s far from finished still. You can find out more information about We Shall Wake on its website.

Chris Priestman