Shape Water Into Lethal Weapons In Action RPG Neera: Dark Secrets


Neera is a hydromancer, able to craft water into swords, hammers, hails of arrows, and other useful weapons as she seeks answers to some unsettling events in action RPG Neera: Dark Secrets.


Neera: Dark Secrets follows Neera as she comes to the Azedac Kingdom while on a training mission to investigate the Kingdoms of Peace. There, she finds some unsettling events going on, which draws her into using her powers to battle hordes of hostile beasts as she looks into the evil goings-on around her.

Players are able to scroll through various types of weapons on the fly, shifting from blades to arrows as they need them. These watery weapons all have different attack ranges and properties that will work better depending on the enemy, and it will be up to players to decide how best to deal with each foe. Whether going for range, high powered-hits, or just moving into a group and carving through them, players will have the freedom to choose what attacks they use water to create.


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