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Fantasy Life from Level-5 has a cooperative mode where two friends can join your world through local wireless play. The multiplayer mode doesn’t have a specific goal, it’s up to you to decide how to play with your friends. Famitsu explains you can work together to defeat monsters, pick apples together or defeat giant monsters and return the spoils to the life guild.


Fantasy Life also adds townsfolk when you StreetPass another player. You’ll see another avatar in your town and can talk to them.


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Port Porto is another area in Fantasy Life. A royal family lives in the town inside a red roofed palace. Visit the town at night and you’ll see a noble woman with a pirate on the beach. Hmm… I wonder if these two are connected… Port Porto also has a pirate area and homes with windmills.


Fantasy Life comes out for Nintendo 3DS on December 27.

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