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Sharks Versus Divers Game Depth Is Coming To PS4 With New Content


Digital Confectioners has announced that its sharks versus divers multiplayer game Depth is heading to PlayStation 4 in the first half of 2016 (thanks Destructoid).


The PS4 version will have new “gameplay content,” visual upgrades, system improvements, and trophies. These updates will also be heading to the PC version of the game.


This announcement was made as part of the Depth’s anniversary celebrations, which includes the Bull Sh*** update. Included in that is a new playable shark – the Bull Shark – as well as new game modes, and an aquatic turret that divers can take around with them.


There’s also an Anniversary Edition of the game now on sale that has a new digital artbook, the soundtrack, and various shark skins and gun packs.

Chris Priestman