Shattered Realms Brings Fighting Game Complexity To Beat ‘Em Ups


Shattered Realms brings fighting game complexity to beat ‘em ups, giving players many different attack moves, several powerful abilities for each character, and a suite of move-cancelling powers, dodges, attack properties, and more to give players a deep, involved fighting experience.

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As up to four players battle the enemy forces through Shattered Realms, they’ll be able to use a huge arsenal of abilities that will ensure that punching faces rarely gets old. For starters, players are free to set up their own combos, as any time an attack hits, players can immediately combo that into any other move (although they will be stuck in their full attack animation if they miss). Players can also hit all three attack buttons for a Roman Cancel that breaks them out of a move no matter what, on top of slowing time for a moment (at the cost of 1 EX bar).

Further fighting game properties continue to add depth to Shattered Realms. Players can use an EX version of any attack by holding down the attack button, executing a version that gets out of the HItstun Deterioration that eventually slows any combo the player uses. They can also use a Super Attack that adds frames of invincibility, does huge damage, but costs 2 EX bars. Should they be on the receiving end, players can do a burst move for the same cost that hits foes back while making them invincible, or use a dodge that slows time depending on how perfectly it was used.


All of these varied abilities look to give players a complicated fighting session against the hordes of enemies and bosses that wander Shattered Realms. However, many of these enemies have some deep movesets of their own to counter the player’s increased power, so players will need to treat each foe with a little care no matter how carried away they get in beating enemies up.

An alpha for Shattered Realms can currently be downloaded from

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