Sheeeh! Osomatsu-san Is Getting A Game By Idea Factory’s Otomate Brand



Idea Factory announced today that they’re working on an Osomatsu-san otome game by Otomate, to follow up with the ongoing anime.


While not much is currently known about the game, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Osomatsu-san, it’s actually a continuation of the manga and anime series, Osomatsu-kun, that had its run during the ‘60s and also ‘80s about a group of sextuplet brothers who go around causing all kinds of trouble.


Osomatsu-san began airing in October 2015, and it basically features the six brothers as adult NEETs who try finding ways to make a living, well, sometimes, but still manage to bring trouble wherever they go. If you’re into silly slapstick humor with its occasional touching moments, accompanied by WTF moments, then this show is right up your alley.


Osomatsu-san’s game by Idea Factory and Otomate doesn’t have a platform announced for it yet, but we’ll likely get some more details and a first look in the near future.

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