Shelter 2 Spin-Off Game Lets You Be An Adorable Lynx Cub


Might and Delight has announced a standalone spin-off game to Shelter 2. It’s called Paws and it has you playing as one of the lynx cubs that you mothered in Shelter 2. In other words, it’s cute as heck.


It’s a linear experience (rather than the more open world of Shelter 2) that sees the lynx cub getting separated from its mother and lost in a fairytale land. It’s here that it teams up with a bear cub to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.


The core of the experience is platforming as you use the two cubs to co-operate and traverse the land and fend off dangers. In a first for the Shelter series, you can also follow tracks using your sense ability.


Paws is described as a “lovingly crafted story about loss, friendship and a search for lost love.” It’s due to arrive on Steam on March 24th 2016.

Chris Priestman