Shenmue’s Creative Director Talks About The Challenges Of The Original Game


An interview with Shenmues creative director Takeshi Hirai on the “Shenmue 3 Official” YouTube channel sees him talking about the challenges of creating the original game.


Hirai describes the original Shenmue as the team’s biggest achievement of their careers due to it helping to establish the open world genre.


He also discusses the difficulty of simulating weather patterns in the game as well as replicating the physics of two people handcuffed together as happens in Chapter 2 of Shenmue.


Finally, Hirai says that he feels it’s important that fans were able to express how much they wanted Shenmue 3 through crowdfunding. He also says he’d like to see Shenmue’s QTEs and battle system combined into something new.


You can see more interviews with the Shenmue team on the Shenmue 3 Official channel.

Chris Priestman