Capcom recently announced that they’ll have a special showing for The Great Ace Attorney at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, where we’ll see the latest on the game, However, this week’s Famitsu brings up a couple of details in advance.


According to a report by Game Jouhou, the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, will make an appearance in the game. Additionally, his assistant Watson will also be in the game, except instead of an older gentleman, it will be an eight-year old girl.


Two characters were recently teased on The Great Ace Attorney’s website. We’re going to assume it was Holmes and Watson. Hopefully, we’ll get a full reveal of them soon.


As previously reported, The Great Ace Attorney takes place during the Meiji Period of Japan. It’s the start of a new Ace Attorney series and is being worked on by series creator Shu Takumi.

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