Shigeru Miyamoto Says We May See A “New Kind Of Mario” In About A Year Or Two



We got to see Nintendo challenging conventions with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at this year’s E3 and the company is looking to do the same with Mario, which we’ll see in about a year or two.


Shigeru Miyamoto spoke bout it in an interview with IGN, where he said “We’re always challenging ourselves to create something new, so hopefully you’ll see a new kind of Mario in about a year or two. Maybe next E3 we’ll be able to share something.”


Miyamoto also explained the differences between the challenges of tweaking the Mario formula compared to what they did for Breath of the Wild, mostly because of the Mario games’ wide audience.


“It’s kind of difficult with Mario because some of the more important conventions of Mario are based on the approachability and accessibility of those games,” Miyamoto told IGN, adding that having new people join Nintendo has allowed them to look “at the convention with fresh eyes.”

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