Shikhondo(食魂徒) – Soul Eater Is A Shmup Of Beautiful Demonic Worlds


Shmup Shikhondo(食魂徒) – Soul Eater takes players on a visually-impressively journey, having them face detailed, varied yokai who have escaped from limbo, shooting them down and collecting their souls as they fly over a beautiful countryside.


Shikhondo(食魂徒) – Soul Eater has players acting as a Grim Reaper or young woman, having them blast their way through the hordes of beasts that have gotten out. As they shoot these creatures down, they’ll be able to collect their souls, but this is made much easier by creeping closer to enemy shots as they fly by. Doing this will eventually activate Soul Collect mode, which will draw defeated enemy souls into you, allowing players to get much higher scores.

Shikhondo(食魂徒) – Soul Eater features many demons drawn from or inspired by Asian folklore, having players battle against an array of unsettling, yet beautifully-drawn, giant monsters. These creatures don’t leave much room for players to maneuver at times, so players will need to take care when battling them.



Shikhondo(食魂徒) – Soul Eater is out now on Steam, with a demo available from the developer’s site.

Alistair Wong
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