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Shin Megami Tensei IV’s Key Convent Characters And One-Eyed Bartender



Atlus introduced four supporting characters in Shin Megami Tensei IV. In addition to the Convent characters, they also introduced a bartender that gives players challenge quests, and an AI operating system character installed in your Gauntlet.


The Convent acts as the main setting in Shin Megami Tensei IV. Mikado of the East’s civilization shares similarities to that of Europe’s Middle Age period, where King Ahazuya Mikado rules the lands. However, the King is a mere symbolic title. In the current state, it is the organization known as the “Convent” that truly governs the land.


With the voice of God on their side, the Convent is an organization that shares knowledge. They demonstrated their power to the nation with their research division, while providing new doctrines to the citizens. With all that and more, the convent has the power to influence the entire nation.




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The 40 year-old Hugo is the shrewd man who is currently the Abbot of the Convent. He’s an authoritative and brazen character. Due to his lack of compassion, he’s despised by many members of the Samurai. His status is high enough to give advice to King Ahazuya Mikado, making him one of the most powerful men of the nation.




One day a mysterious woman, known as Gabby, got a key position to support Hugo. She is Hugo’s efficient right-hand woman, who carries out tasks for the Abbot. However, not many people, including those of the Convent know of her origin.




When a Samurai is chosen after completing the Gauntlet Ritual, they are provided with demon summoning gauntlets. Each Gauntlet has an installed operating system, known as Barrows, who is also the AI character that helps out the Samurai. It is still unknown as to who created Barrows or as the East of the Mikado citizens refer “The fairy living in the Gauntlet”.



The integrated navigation system in the Gauntlet has a feature known as the “Demon Summoning Program”, where Barrows will help you manage demons. This feature will be available right away, as Barrows will help with demon negotiations and summoning the demons you’ve befriended.


As previously reported, the Gauntlet has a DDS (Digital Devil Service) feature, used as a social networking device through StreetPass. The DDS can be used to show off the demons you’ve befriended to other players.



The above image shows a unique card that can be created through DDS. It will include a visual presentation of your character, along with an attached demon, that shows their level and skills. The demon that is used in DDS can bring back rare items as gifts and can even gain stats.


Here’s a look at some scenarios with demons after DDS:


c20130318_DDS4_16_cs1w1_400x240 Siegfried: “I don’t know a damned thing about gifts. Is something like good enough?”



Pele: “I’m back! With this new body, I’ll be at the top of my game”


There are plenty of characters you’ll meet at the Convent, including many quests you’ll be participating in.


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Barrows will also help manage your quests by registering each one you accept. Quests will include objectives such as retrieving certain items and ingredients for people or defeating demons.





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K is the one-eyed bartender of Mikado Castle. His left arm appears to be a prosthetic scissor-like arm. He was once a member of the Samurai. His vast experience in the field shows that he used to be quite the skilled Samurai, as not even Hope, the Samurai leader, would dare challenge him.



Most of the Challenge Quests can be accepted through K, with occasional mission requests from demons. There will be over 100 events, where you can meet characters and see their side stories.


Shin Megami Tensei IV is slated to be released on May 23rd for Nintendo 3DS.

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