Nintendo DS

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Videos Surface


Mankind crossed the 7 billion mark, but the more they prosper, the harder the backlash is. Wars break out, pollution contaminates the environment, and poverty and famine run rampant. Suddenly, a wasteland, a land of destruction, appears over the Antarctic. A team comprised of selected members from various nations is sent to the place to investigate, and so a journey, checkered with many ups and downs, begins.



Most of these features were already expounded in the other article, but some were elaborated. Of particular note are the four videos posted on the site. Two are of wandering in the dungeons, giving you all a sense of the first person point of view so characteristic to old Shin Megami Tensei games. Judging from these, it seems that battles are indeed random, but there are also special enemies that don’t generally appear in these usual ones. These carry rare items and have to be found using the Enemy Search option on the Demonica Suit. Also an option is the Gate Search, which allows you to find hidden doorways. On another note, the battle screen looks like it has the same format as Digimon Story, in which only the enemy monsters appear.



The last new content on the site pertains to the nameless protagonist. The video mostly shows an introduction to Captain Gore and your name entry. Nothing really special, but don’t expect to only have four character slots in the English version, haha. The dialogue is the white text, while actions are the green. I wonder if there’ll be any indication on how well you’re doing with other characters, like in Persona?