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How Shin Yomawari’s Two Protagonists Find Themselves In A Fatal Frame-Like Situation



Nippon Ichi Software revealed Shin Yomawari, a sequel to the PS Vita survival horror game. This week’s Dengeki PlayStation provides more details on its story and gameplay for the cute yet spooky sequel. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Here’s a bit on the game’s story:


Nearing the end of summer break, Yui and Haru visited the mountains of a neighboring town to watch the fireworks. On their way back, the two were startled and let go of each other’s hand, causing them to get separated.


As Yui and Haru wander around town in search of one another, the ominous night of town spreads before their eyes. Will they safely reunite?


The map of Shin Yomawari is said to be about twice the size of the first Yomawari. This time, we’ll get to explore more locations such as Western-style houses, libraries, and such.


Most of the game is shown in isometric fashion as the previous game, but it’ll switch to a new side-view perspective when visiting special areas. Monsters roam around at night, and while some may be harmless, others are evil and even touching them will get a game over. Evading them will involve running away to make distance, hiding in the dark, or using items.


Shin Yomawari releases in Japan on August 24, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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