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Shining Resonance Details How To Tune Your Musical Weapons



The Dragoners of Shining Resonance use powerful instrument hybrid weapons called Armonics to take on enemies, and just like any other instrument, they’ll require some tuning that is used to power them up. 4Gamer shares details on how the feature works.


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While “Tuning” helps power up the weapon, it can also have other effects like increasing MP or giving the weapon elemental attributes such as ice or fire, among other special effects. It’s basically a good way to customize the weapon in question to fit your play style.


In addition to having the choice to select different Tunings for the weapons, there are different proficiency levels for the Tuning as well, as it increases in rank the more often you use in combat.


Trying out all kinds of Tuning settings and maxing them out will bring out the best of the Armonic weapons.



Fernando, who is a minstrel in search of melodies, will give you various requests and will return the favor with musical scores.



Tuning has a skill slot system as well. Different Tunings have various numbers of open slots, in which you can insert “Skill Pieces”.


The above image shows three slots, with one being slotted with a “Vitol” Skill Piece, which increases the wielder’s maximum HP by 10%. While you can only use one identical Skill Piece at a time, you can always use other pieces with similar effects.


Similar to the tuning system itself, the Skill Pieces won’t just involve parameter boosts, but will also have effects like status effect defense and more. Tunings that are considered weak may even become much more useful when inserted with the proper Skill Pieces.


Shining Resonance will release in Japan on December 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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