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Shining Resonance Re:frain Producer Comments On Refrain Mode Has To Offer


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Famitsu recently interviewed Sega Games producer Makoto Suzuki on Shining Resonance Re:frain, the latest game in the Shining series. Suzuki commented on what the game means for the series going forward, and gave a hint as to what players can expect from the ‘what-if’ story contained in the game’s “Refrain Mode”.


Famitsu: This is the first time we have interviewed you regarding the Shining series. How have you been involved with the series up until now?

Makoto Suzuki, producer: “I started working with the series with Blade Arcus from Shining EX. I became part of the same department as (former series producer) Sawada-san, working as tech support.”


Famitsu: So you haven’t been involved for that long, then. What made you take up the position of producer for this game?

Suzuki: “Sawada-san left Sega Games, and the series was set to take a break… But I thought, “No, the Shining series should expand from here on out”, and put out the proposal for Refrain. In order to build up the series again, I thought that as a first step we should bring Shining Resonance, which is a straightforward RPG, to PS4.”


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Famitsu: Next, we’d like to ask you about “Refrain Mode”, which fans are probably curious about. This is this something separate from the main mode, correct?

Suzuki: “Yes. Or rather, the main story itself will stay the same. Because the story in the original game was already quite complete, we didn’t want to change it. And in that regard, the mode is based on the question of why Excela and Jenius are with the party in the main story. We view it as a story for a second playthrough. Although you can play Refrain Mode as soon as you start the game, we recommend players who haven’t played the original game to play through the original mode first.”


Famitsu: So even if the main story doesn’t change, the reason why these two are with the main party will be explained, then?

Suzuki: “Yes… After Excela and Jenius join the party, they will give a sigil to Yuma (Sigils are items used to change the contents of a random dungeon) that I can only say will be the key to unlocking this mystery.”


Shining Resonance Re:frain will be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 on March 29, 2018.

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