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Shining Resonance Shows Off A Couple Of Its Elite Villains



In Shining Resonance, it seems like dragons are the key to power, and everyone is out there to take them out or acquire them for themselves. Famitsu introduces us to two new villains, who look like they won’t be your ordinary foes.


Zest Graham:


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The Beowulf squad, a special group that operates under the church of the Lombardian Empire, is made up of individuals who are all confident in their skills. Of all of them, Zest is considered the strongest. He’s a Magic Gunner who finds supreme joy in fighting tough foes.


Beatrice Irma:


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Beatrice is a female ninja who specializes in using speed to her tactical advantage. She’s in charge of gathering intel and assassinations for Beowulf. Due to being a Dark Elf, she has a past of persecutions.


Shining Resonance is slated for release in Japan on December 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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