Sega’s latest game in the Shining series, Shining Resonance, has a rather different protagonist, who is actually a dragon called Shining Dragon Irvan. As it turns out, he also has a human form, as well. Famitsu gives us a first look at the protagonist’s alternate form.


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Yuma Irvan is a young man with the heart of a dragon, who is agonized by his own fate. Since he’s lived away from common customs, he tends to be passive and relies on others to make decisions.


l_539e944b92ae6 The above is a look at a dragon that looks similar to Irvan, which might have something to do with his transformation. According to Famitsu, it is likely that the protagonist transforms only for combat, otherwise, he remains as Yuma for the most part.



Sega also teased a glimpse at one of the new characters, who appears to be a mage-like female with some sort of brass instrument and staff hybrid.


Shining Resonance will be released on December 11, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation 3.

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