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Shining Resonance Shows A Little More Dragon Vs. Dragon Action



Shining Resonance is the latest of Sega’s Shining series, which will have a dragon named Irvan is the main character, and other party members will be able to use musical instruments to go with it. 4Gamer shares a look at a couple new screens that shows some more of the game’s action.


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In the world of Shining Resonance, Irvan is one of the last dragons on the planet, but it’s been revealed that there will be other dragons that show up as villains. Maybe the flaming dragon shown in the above image is one of them?



There aren’t too many details as far as the battle system goes, but as previously reported,  it will be done in seamless fashion with parties of up to four players, and the use of instruments for various effects.


2014-05-16_014819 2014-05-16_014754

The game’s official site reveals a look at some of the game’s weapons, and if you look closely, the weapons all appear to be some sort of instrument. The sword in the middle also looks like the same one seen on the Shining Dragon Irvan’s head… hmm.


Shining Resonance will be released this Winter for PlayStation 3.

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