New Update For Archlord II Adds Content For Everyone



Webzen have announced that player-versus-player oriented MMORPG Archlord II has transitioned to full release. There’s a slew of content to celebrate, including the activation of the titular Archlord system and the news of scalable dungeons based on party size.



Archlord’s unique hook is the ability to be the ruler of the entire server you’re on. For a week, anyway. Being crowned king after hewing through foes will net the dogged player a dragon mount, shiny legendary armor and special skills. To even get there, players will have to slog it out for points in the PvP battlegrounds to earn the right of entry every Sunday for the crown.



For those who prefer their foes controlled by computers, the game is also implementing scalable dungeons. This lets parties range from one to five, and monster difficulty, loot and gold will scale accordingly. This is on top of the dungeon difficulty grade players can already select before heading in. Above is a screenshot showing a dungeon boss’s health when faced from five all the way to solo.


Archlord2-OfficialRelease-Artwork Archlord2-OfficialRelease-Screenshot01

Archlord2-OfficialRelease-Screenshot04 Archlord2-OfficialRelease-Screenshot06

Alongside this is the news that the game’s level cap has been raised from 41 to 46. Players can gain those levels questing in three additional zones such as the Fury Mountains and four more dungeons to delve into. There’s also a new Skirmish PvP map called the Valley of Cries, a 5-on-5 throwdown.


For full details on the update head over to the official site here.


Archlord II is out now on PC.