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Shironeko New Project Provides Details On Flying Island, Guilds, And Anime


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Colopl has updated Shironeko New Project’s home page, which gives more details on the whale-esque flying island, some other structures you’ll find in-game, as well as an anime coming in 2020.


A Full Look at the Flying Island

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For this second wave of information, we’d like to show off what it’s like inside the whale-shaped floating island that was also seen in the trailer. This is a picture of what it looks like from a bird’s eye view. Apart from having man-made structures like what seems to be a park, we can also see that it has a pond.


A first look at the internal structure of the floating island!

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In the area where the whale’s stomach would be located, you can see an expansive living space. As you progress in the game, several facilities will appear at the stone area, and the floating island will get livelier.


Facilities: Guild

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Out of the many facilities aboard the floating island, here we’re showing off the Guild! The Guild is basically the place where you come to manage your quests. Taking up quests at the Guild will become a routine activity for the player.



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Next up is the Blacksmith! You can buy weapons and armor, and upgrade them here.


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Finally, an anime for White Cat Project has also been announced, which will be a retelling of the game’s 3rd year anniversary event, “Zero Chronicle – The first sin”. The anime will air in 2020, same as the game’s release date.


Shironeko New Project will release for Nintendo Switch in 2020. Check out an interview with the producer on why the platform choice, and how it’s different here.

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