Shmup Fire Arrow Plus Uses Randomization To Stay Unpredictable



Shmup Fire Arrow Plus uses randomization to keep players on their toes, using unpredictable enemy waves and unexpected special events to keep them from getting complacent.




In Fire Arrow Plus, players will work through short stages filled with enemies, and will be tasked with getting as high a score as possible. They can freely switch between a red spread shot and narrow, concentrated blue shot, depending on which is most helpful at the time. These can be powered up during play for even more screen-clearing damage.



Players can choose from novice, three, and five minute modes, surviving the randomized waves of enemies while shooting down as many targets as possible for points. Players can unlock a further, even more challenging mode than these as well.




The game, which contains previously-released titles Fire Arrow and Fire Arrow X, has been retooled for Steam, offering redone endings, better visuals, and a new soundtrack should it pass through Steam Greenlight. Fire Arrow Plus is due to release sometime this year.

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