Shmup Minus Zero Keeps You Invincible As Long As You’re Downing Enemies



Players will need to lock onto enemy ships and shots, then let their laser weapon do the work in minimalist shmup Minus Zero, the next release in the four game Shooting Love 20XX collection.




Releasing June 16, Minus Zero has players using a lock-on system to take out ships. They have to move their crosshairs over an enemy ship, and then choose to loose homing shots at anything they have previously targeted. Multiple enemies can be locked onto at once to maximize the amount of hits.




As long as the player keeps blasting enemies, their ship will be invulnerable. It wears off quickly when not blowing up ships, so players will need to lock-on and shoot enemies as fast as possible.




TRIZEAL Remix and EXZEAL will be releasing shortly to complete the collection. Shooting Love 20XX is the creation of Triangle Service, a Japanese developer founded by Konami alum Toshiaki Fujino. They have previously released Deltazeal and Xiizeal.

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