Shmup NIGHTHAW-X 3000 Wants Players To Feel The 80’s Vibe



Players are only left with their starfighter after ‘They’ take your wife and freedom, leaving them to cruise through the fake 3D skies of 80’s infused shmup NIGHTHAW-X 3000.


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NIGHTHAW-X 3000 uses a scrolling effect where enemies and obstacles appear to be rolling down from the top of the screen. The screen will also shift and tilt, changing the player’s perspective and movement to increase the game’s challenge. Players can buy new weapons or bring in a local co-op partner to make things easier for themselves, though.


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The game will also feature music inspired by the time period. NIGHTHAW-X 3000 is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight for a Summer 2016 release.

Alistair Wong
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