Shoji Mizuno, Bomberman Character Designer, Has Passed Away


shoji mizuno


Shoji Mizuno, a former member of Hudson Soft and the creator of the modern design of Bomberman, sadly passed away on June 11, 2018. He was 58 years old. (Thanks, Mark J.)


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Before Mizuno updated the design for Bomberman, Bomberman sported a rounder design more reminiscent of the in-game sprites. Mizuno is credited with creating the taller, leaner version that is well known today.


Apart from Bomberman, Mizuno is also credited with being the art director for DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure, an Super Famicom sequel to NES’ Milon’s Secret Castle. Sadly, the game was never released outside of Japan.



Mizuno also had a hand in the character designs, world building, and setting creation for the Bomberman Jetters anime series, as well as the original Beyblade anime.

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