Shonen Jump’s All-Star Battle Royale Smartphone Game Is Now Live In Japan



Konami just launched Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyou Janjan Stadium in Japan, the battle royale game that is kind of like the Jump Super Stars games featuring characters from 39 works.


Here’s a new trailer to go with the launch of the game:

The trailer gives us an introduction of all 39 playable characters that are mostly the protagonists of their respective series. The characters were made to have cute appearances but will all pack a punch with their iconic moves. More characters will be added later.


As far as gameplay goes, it has simple one-button controls. The goal is to knock opponents off the stage, and it can be played solo or with up to four friends for some real-time battle royale action. The game is played online and has ranking events to compete with other players.


The game is free-to-play and has a “Hero’s Memory” gacha system used to acquire new skills that are used to customized character action.


Weekly Shonen Jump: Jikkyou Janjan Stadium is now available in Japan for iOS and Android. You can check out our previous report for more details, screenshots, and a gameplay trailer.

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