Shoumetsu Toshi: Afterlost Announced Alongside New Anime Teaser


shoumetsu toshi afterlost


Wright Flyer Studios has announced Shoumetsu Toshi: Afterlost, the latest game in the developer’s hit mobile series. The game is set to begin service in April 2019, although the platforms Afterlost will appear on haven’t explicitly been confirmed yet.


Check out the teaser below:


Afterlost also may or may not be the full title for ‘Drama RPG Mix’, a game project announced earlier this year that is largely a retelling of Shoumetsu Toshi and Shoumetsu Toshi 2.


Finally, the first trailer for the Shoumetsu Toshi anime has been revealed by Wright Flyer Studios and Pony Canyon. Check it out below:


The anime is set to begin airing in April 2019, which is the same as Shoumetsu Toshi: Afterlost’s release window.


Shoumetsu Toshi: Afterlost is set to come out in April 2019.

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