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Shovel Knight, Eddie Riggs, And Charles Martinet Appear As Runner3 Cameo Characters


runner3 cameo 1

Nicalis revealed on their blog that Runner3 will have several cameo characters, including Shovel Knight, and the voice actor of The Narrator, Charles Martinet.


Here’s a look at how the cameo characters will look in-game:

Shovel Knight (from Shovel Knight):

runner3 cameo 2


Eddie Riggs (from Brutal Legend):

runner3 cameo 3


The Narrator (Charles Martinet):

runner3 cameo 4


The extra cameos will be unlocked through Hero Quests in Runner3. This means that they are not paid DLC, and Nicalis announced that there are no in-game purchases altogether in the game.


Runner3 will be available for Nintendo Switch on May 22, 2018. Previously, we reported on the latest trailer for the game.

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